FRANk Jam November 8, 2011 – our pickings of the week

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College students design app for safer driving to win Microsoft’s Imagine Cup

Social Media Week_safe driving appHere’s an app worth saluting! Four college students are developing a new smartphone app to help reduce one of the biggest causes of deaths globally – dangerous driving. The app is aimed at young “boy racer” types and tracks real-time driving to give valuable, and best of all, real rewards such as discounted insurance to those that are the safest behind the wheel. Created by four college students, the gamification involved is believed to be the magic ingredient that could help re-educate and motivate this notoriously high-risk category of drivers – 18 to 24 year old men. Find out more about how the app works here

Parrot Carrot uses augmented reality to refresh the imagination
Social Media Week_Parrot Carrot ARParrot Carrot is also the main character of a children’s book that is now enhanced with augmented reality. Kids can use the AR app on their phones to see the characters from the book in their surroundings, catch them and find objects that rhyme with them to create new wondrous animals. Watch the video here

How LinkedIn brought in 72,000 in sales for a postcard business
Social Media Week_LinkedIn successFacebook and Twitter have become common platforms for business success, but what about LinkedIn? A postcard-marketing company in Florida achieved 72,000 sales through LinkedIn, proving that the network is not confined to job searchers. Their secret was providing attractive content at the right time, establishing a face and voice for the company, building a strong and close network and joining and contributing to LinkedIn groups. Read the full article here.

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