CLOO – genius or gone too far?

Well this is definitely a unique one! Who would have ever thought a smartphone app could be the answer to those who are out and about and ‘desperate’ for a bathroom. Soon this will be made possible in the U.S via ‘CLOO’ (Community + Loo) which will connect those in urgent need of a toilet with those in the community that are willing to share one!

CLOO is a community of registered host members who are willing to share their bathrooms in exchange for a small fee. After downloading the CLOO app, those in need of a bathroom will be able to use it to see the registered hosts nearby. Along with basic details, the app will also indicate whether those hosts share any social networking friends in common with the user, as well as the host’s community rating and the price of their toilet. Users can then send a request to see if the host is home; if they are, the user is then invited to use the host’s toilet and payment is deposited into the host’s account. Afterwards, ratings for each party can be submitted through CLOO.


Not sure if this is something I would partake in, but heck when you gotta go you gotta go!

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