Were flies born to do advertising?

We’re starting to feel a bit of summer coming, and so are the awful Melbourne flies. It’s a universal truth that flies have no concept of personal space and have boundless amounts of energy. And some marketers have certainly exploited these very salesman-like qualities of the flies by using them as vehicles for advertising!

To promote their exhibition stand at the 2009 Franfurt Book Fair, publishing company Eichborn (which has a fly logo) attached super light banners to 200 flies with natural wax and set them loose around the convention centre. After a short time the banner dropped off by itself and the flies were not harmed (this might calm down any insect-loving people reading this).

Check out the flyvertising in the video:

What do you think? I think having a cute little banner makes flies a little more adorable and as you can see, it was a very novel way of attracting attention to the message on the banner (whenever the fly needed a rest stop)

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