FRANk jam October 25, 2011 – our pickings of the week

Twitter provides more context for tweets on your timeline

Social Media WeekTwitter has made some changes to the appearance of your stream of incoming tweets. Tweets will now expand when you click them, rather than show up on the right hand side. Media will show up in an expanded Timeline tweet view, making it easier to check out a photo or video attached to a tweet and making Twitter scanning more seamless. Find out more?

Facebook to change social commerce as they roll out credits to websites

Social Media Week Facebook credits updateFacebook looks to make online shopping a more personalised experience as they take Facebook Credits outside of Facebook for the first time. They’re testing a rollout with a limited number of developers and sites, to allow it as a form of payment for virtual goods.This could be a game changer for social commerce as sites are already happy to use Facebook to personalise the commerce experience up to the point of transaction, so it’s not a huge leap to introduce it as the very payment method for the transaction itself. Although the current test phase limits the use of Facebook credits to virtual goods within games, Facebook is expected to eventually expand this into retail sites.

App (ImOK) makes checking in with parents into a game

Social Media Week_imoka appParents worried about their children’s whereabouts no longer need to resort to tracking them like FedEx packages. A new alternative to smartphone monitoring, launched last week, turns voluntarily staying in touch with parents into a game. Parents can sign up for an account with ImOK and send an activation code to their family members who can sign into the private network on their phone. Adolescents check-in to the app, put themselves on a map or add photos, messages or friends’ names for more points. Adolescents can suggest rewards from a ‘wishlist’ section of the app – but parents can of course, have the final say or add their own.

Clever McDonalds campaign encourages people not to litter

Social Media Week_Mcdonalds campaignMcDonalds’ latest campaign is a great example of how to engage customers both in the online and offline worlds. Facing an increasing problem from litter around their stores, the created an online game where you could upload your photo and have it turned into a video of you doing amazing soccer tricks. The last trick always showed you kicking into a McDonalds bin to drive the message home. People were encouraged to link the videos up with their Facebook profiles (where they got the most exposure with 60,000 impressions) and spread the message.
The campaign had some impressive stats with 28,000 uploads, 1 million page impressions and (according to them) less trash littering their store surroundings. Watch the video of the online campaign (featuring Obama in a hoodie)

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