Social Brand vs Social Business

This study by Altimeter Group canvassed the opinion of 144 social business programme managers in large companies with 1,000 plus employees. Its a great study full of best practices.

One of the more practical learnings for me, which can be applied to the Australian market, is the link between being a social brand and a social business.

It’s a nice distinction between the necessary internal culture of being a social business and the external framework needed to be a successful social brand.

Social brand vs social business

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The two elements are inextricably linked but in many cases businesses embark on becoming a social brand without appreciating the internal knock-on effects of resource, process, employee engagement and guidelines etc.

Probably the biggest barrier we see is resistance to internal change/culture. This makes sense, of course, as decades of silo building, mini empires and vested interests are put under the spotlight.

It will take time for businesses to become truely social but it will happen and those that resist least and begin to make the shift will benefit from early mover advantage.

More often than not it requires a top down approach….so calling all CEO’s.

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