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Today’s business climate is harsh and businesses have to find new and unique ways to attract and retain customers. It is the only way to ensure survival and growth in times where globalisation, financial crisis, more customers, heavy competition, new technologies and distribution methods push many businesses to its limits.

The customer of today is a lot more sophisticated with higher expectations than ever before. In its quest for better products and services for less money, today’s customer creates a very competitive business environment which forces businesses to operate different.

Some business rise to the challenge and come up with the most unique, quirky, helpful and innovative ways to provide a competitive edge. Check this out:

Flash mob on demand at the Marco Island Marriott Beach Resort in Florida


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Ever wanted a flash mob for your birthday celebration or to help you propose? Well just head to Florida’s Marco Island Marriott Beach Resort and they can help you arrange a flash mob for any occasion. The service is described as “the gift for someone who has everything” and also comes with a video which captures the surprise moment and the flash mob.

I think it is a really cool idea and I would love to get a flash mob for my next birthday. Fingers crossed this service will also hit the Australian shores soon… (via PSFK)

Patagonia: buy less, buy quality

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Another brand offering a bit more than the competition is outdoor gear and clothing brand Patagonia. The company has teamed up with eBay to create a used Patagonia clothing marketplace called Common Threads Initiative.  Under the motto “buy less buy quality”  Patagonia encourages its customers to buy less and to recycle its clothes by selling them via eBay to customers who otherwise cannot afford the clothes.

While it seems the company is not doing itself a favor with this campaign, I think it might actually work for Patagonia. This new initiative is so in line with its core values which is what attracts many customers in the first place. The eBay store is a natural extension of the beliefs of the company and also makes their range accessible to a new client base. (via brandflakesforbreakfast.com)
Aurora delivers clothes in 90 minutes

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High Street retailer Aurora in the UK teamed up with Shutl, a super fast delivery service, and delivers your online purchases within 90 minutes. Shutl picks up the clothes directly from the stores rather than go via a distribution centre. First trialed in London, the service is now rolled out to other major cities in the UK.
The fashion house says that changed customer shopping habits have brought this service on. While in the past dresses for special occasions where bought months in advance, today’s women have less time and buy more ad hoc (via http://www.telegraph.co.uk)



Ikea: Go happy to bed app


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Ikea has developed an interactive app which allows you to log in with your Facebook account. The app takes data from Facebook, asks about your living situation and then customizes a bespoke 3D bedroom fitted with clickable IKEA items. Each bedroom design is personal and tailored to the smallest details, such a s photos from the user’s Facebook album hanging on the walls or in frames. (via PSFK)



Tesco’s virtual store in Korea’s subway

Tesco has put QR codes to clever use in its virtual store in Korea on the outside of subway trains. It helps time poor customers order the items they need on the fly by simply taking a photo of the QR code of the item. It certainly helps avoid the crowded stores and also Tesco did not need to buy an expensive brick and mortar store (via http://adsoftheworld.com)


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