Top 10 tips for Community Managers

1. Do not SPAM
Nobody likes to be bombarded with spam so keep your communications relevant.

2. Listen
Listen to your audience and learn from them. Your community is a great source of inspiration and ideas but also provides valuable feedback.

3. Respect
Treat all communications and interactions with respect and be sensible about sharing information.

4: Know your tools
Not all social networks are the same so don’t treat Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or whatever you are using the same. Each tool should have its own role.

5. Tone
Tone is very important so make sure you use a helpful and approachable tone in all communications. Keep it conversational because nobody nobody likes a smart ass who uses lingo nobody understands.

6. Provide Value
Adding value to your community should be the main part of your job description. Always ask yourself how you can add value to a conversation before you post anything.

7. Share
If you got some good information, advice, knowledge, etc. share it with your community. Sharing fuels your conversation.

8. Respond
It is extremely important to respond to all comments, questions, etc. that you receive. Even if you don’t agree with some of the statements, you have to at least thank the author for the contribution.

9. Flexibility
Online conversations are fast paced and you need to be quick in your response. This is not a 9-5 job and the dynamic and reactions online cannot be predicted.

10. Be patient
No online community is built over night so be creative, innovative and persevere.

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