FRANk’s weekly media updates- October 4, 2011

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Google expands AdWords to include video ad campaigns on YouTube

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Google is enabling greater integration between its AdWords and YouTube ad offerings for all advertisers. AdWords for Video aims to simplify online video ad campaigns, allowing advertisers to create video ads across the Google display network and YouTube in the same interface. The new system, currently launched in beta, is replacing the current Promoted Videos format.

It offers four types of placement, called TrueView Video Ads. Options include in-stream (pre-, mid- and post-roll), in-search (which appears in viewer’s search results), in-display (which shows against similar content) and in-slate (which gives the viewer the option to choose which ad to view while watching longer-form content).

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Facebook launches new metric for pages – “People Talking About” to gauge engagement

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Facebook has changed its Pages Insights analytics tool and added a new metric, “People Talking About” to gauge the health of a page. This statistic will be shown on a Page below the total number of Likes. It measures user-initiated activity related to a Page, including posting on the wall, Liking, commenting, sharing, checking in on Places, and so on. Other metrics designed for page admins include Friends of Fans, and Weekly Total Reach. The public metric for “People Talking About” is likely to make engagement with Fans more important than the mere number of Likes.

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