Call to revamp classifications

The Australian Law Reform Commission has proposed streamlining classifications across film, television, computer games and online content.

The proposed changes include the introduction of a PG 8+ and T 13 + (Teen) rating in addition to the current children ratings of C (children) and G (general).

The proposed new framework envisages:

  • a greater role for industry in classifying content—allowing government regulators to focus on the content that generates the most community concern, and ensure access to adult content is properly restricted;
  • content will be classified using the same categories, guidelines and markings whether viewed on television, at the cinema, on DVD or online;
  • changes to classification categories, with age references—PG 8+ and T 13+ (Teen)—to help parents choose content for their children; and
  • the Commonwealth taking on full responsibility for administering and enforcing the new scheme.

Currently there are different classification codes across different media. In TV Tonight‘s recent Audience Inventory, readers voted that having TV classifications match Film classifications was an Important industry issue.

The commission believes the use of age references will provide a better guide for parents to in assessing content for children.

Source: The Age/TV Tonight

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