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There is an app for ANYTHING these days. You are lost in a foreign country and need a translator? There is an app for that! You need to find a parking spot in the city? There is an app for that! You want to know at what time you hit the deep sleep phase at night? There is an app for that!
The list goes on and there are many apps worth mentioning but this articles is all about the way you see things in your world- literally and metaphorically


This new app for iPhones promises exactly that: with regular exercise your glasses may come off. The app works by training the mind to translate blurry images into clear ones. So your brain actually can help you see things when your eyes deteriorate naturally as you age.

FRANk Media- iPhone app to improve eyesight


Clinical tests have shown that the app is effective, enabling an average reduction in ‘eye age’ from 50.5 to 41.9. The app will be launched on the iPhone next year and is expected to cost around $90 for a three-month subscription.

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Slavery Footprint

This Android application opens your eyes in a different way and highlights the unethically sourced things we consume daily. The app asks some questions about your lifestyle and shopping habits and then shows you the regions where forced labor is used to produce the foods and products you buy and calculates how may slaves work for you.

FRANk Media- Android app opens your eyes

You can then post your result on to social networks to raise awareness and invite friend to check out the app. For more info go to:

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This crowd sourced app allows blind people to “see” the things they are unsure of such as dollar bills, objects in their pantry, etc. They basically take a photo of the object, ask a question about it such as “is this a can of tuna”? and send it off to VizWiZ. The app then just forwards this info on to real people who answer the question in seconds.

FRANk Media- crowdsourced app for blind people


This app is still in the lab but surely will be available soon.

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