It’s time to experiment with your media budget


Traditional advertising is becoming more and more fragmented and expensive and many brands are wondering if it is all still worth it. More money is therefore spent on experiential and social campaigns that do not go on about how great a product is but instead tell a story or are just funny. The campaigns sit (mainly) online instead of TV or radio to save money to put into engaging content. More money is spent to produce quality content rather than 30sec advertising messages. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying go without traditional media. Just be inspired by the following examples to maybe cut down on traditional media and do something different for a change. Check out the following examples I’ve come across this week and let me know what you think:



Beer adverts usually are not very original and feature cold beer, sports and hot chicks but this Carlsberg guerilla campaign is original and funny. It has had so far 1.6m views on YouTube alone and is a massive success for Carlsberg.



Audi has launched a series of 2 minute mini TV action dramas called “Untitled Jersey City Project” to launch the new Audi A6 Sedan. Each episode will get the viewer closer to solving the puzzle and understand the story line. It is a bit like 24 but with a hotter main character and car. More info here.



Mini is sending its new Coupe on a road trip to launch it in line with its “Another Day, another Adventure” motto. The adventure is also documented online and upon completion will be featured in the Matter magazine. More info here.

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