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Facebook launches massive changes

FRANk Media Newsletter_Facebook changes
You may have noticed a slew of changes on Facebook – these include a revised news feed that has combined recent stories and top stories, new photo layouts, a Ticker on the side that shows unfiltered stories in your network, smart lists for your different groups of friends, and that you can now write on Pages even when you’re not a fan. But more changes are still headed our way – the profile page is going to be completely redesigned to “tell the story of your life” and there will be new buttons besides the famous Like.

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Google+ opens to the public, sitting on 43 million users

FRANK Media Newsletter_Google+
After being invite-only for nearly three months, Google+ has thrown its doors open to everyone and has grabbed a record number of new users. Google+ is reportedly up to an estimated 43.4 million users, a third of which have been added since Google+ opened to the public.

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