Facebook News: Introducing the Subscription Button

News broke last week that Facebook is launching a new feature called “Subscription“. It allows users to be more selective in what their news feed is showing, for example you are able to see more from your best friends and less from your acquaintances or work colleagues. It seems a bit like the circles function in Google+ which allows you to share content with certain circles of friends only. Except that you are also allowed to hear more from people you don’t know on Facebook and strangers can also opt in to hear more from you…Does this sound like Twitter? So basically you can follow people now on Facebook too. I wonder if they will ever merge and be one giant social network.

But wait, it gets better! You can not only decide who you want to hear from but also what you want to hear from them. You can chose to receive all updates, most updates or only important updates. If you chose the latter, Facebook will filter out all the nonsense and only show you highlights such as a new job, wedding, birthday or whatever else Facebook thinks is important. Pretty convenient or just crazy? Guess we’ll have to wait and find out. But here is a sneak peek of what is coming ahead so look out for it next time you log into your Facebook account:





FRANk Media- Facebook Subscription Button

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FRANk Media- Facebook Subscription Button 2

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