FRANk’s Weekly Media Updates- August 30, 2011

Latest news highlights

Facebook shuts down Places and Deals, moves to integrated location-based tagging

FRANk Media Newsletter_Facebook places
Facebook Places, the location-based mobile feature that arrived in Australia last September, has been scrapped as a standalone service. This means users will no longer be able to check-in directly to a location on Facebook, but instead, they can tag a location in a status update. The Faceook Deals service, which was launched as a competitor to Groupon and LivingSocial, has also been killed off after four months of US testing due to lack of traction. However, Check-In Deals will remain available when a user checks in via a location tag in their status update.

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Google’s new features – +1 button will now share directly with your Google+ circles of choice, customisable +snippets

FRANk Media Newsletter_Google +1 button
Google has upgraded its +1 button with several new features, including the ability to directly share a webpage on Google+. In the past, clicking the +1 button only shared content to a tab on a user’s Google+ profile. Now, clicking on a +1 button will enable you to choose to share the page with any of your circles with your own comment. Another feature Google has introduced is +snippets. A +snippet is the link, image and description automatically generated when a link is shared on Google+. Content publishers will now have the ability to customise these +snippets to determine what gets displayed on the network when a link is shared.

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Yahoo!7 rolls out a new mobile overlay ad option

FRANk Media Newsletter_Yahoo
Yahoo!7 has launched a new mobile rich media ad format, Over the Page (OTP). The new format allows for increased impact and engagement through bespoke custom rich media mobile overlays. Advertisers will be able to offer consumers an improved ad experience without leaving the mobile environment. The mobile OTP runs across the page, appearing on first load uninitiated for a maximum of 5 seconds. The ad can include animation and gives a larger canvas area for advertisers to deliver high impact experiences. Once users have viewed the ad, an anchored banner will display and they will have the option of interacting with a full screen expandable banner or replaying the OTP ad again.

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