5 Tips for Brands on Twitter

More and more brands are embracing Twitter and set up an account but Twitter does not really come with a manual so many brands struggle to get started and make the most out of it.  I came across this article by Socialblabla and slightly modified the tips to share them here. It is simple but effective advice for everyone new to Twitter.

1. Fill in all the info

When you register a new Twitter account, only some field are mandatory. Ideally you fill in all fields and provide your potential and existing customers with as much information as possible without overdoing it. Make sure you fill in your website address correctly as well as place a link in your biography to your site.

2. Write an interesting and original biography

The biography is really important as it provides the first impression about your company. Introduce your company and provide a few reasons why people might find it interesting to follow your brand on Twitter. You are limited to 160 characters which can be a challenge to include all important things about company but it’s worth it. Nothing wrong with reviewing and improving it as you go along.

3. Choose a representative picture

Every time you post a tweet, it appears in the timelines of your followers with your image. The image you choose should be representative of your company and a logo is usually a good choice. You want to stand out but also don’t blind your followers with neon and fluorescent colours. Make sure the image looks good when re-sized to fit the small Twitter dimensions. If your logo contains text, it may be too small to read on a computer screen let alone an even smaller mobile phone screen.

4.Customize the background image

The background image is something that draws attention to people who visit your brands Twitter page first. The default Twitter background (0r even worse some free wallpaper containing its URL) makes a brand look pretty unprofessional. For personal profiles, the background is really not that important, but brands should really put some thought behind the Twitter background. After all, a lot of thought is behind the background of the websites so why stop there? Also, Twitter not only allows you to customize the background color, but also the color of the text, sidebar and links. Make sure the color of these elements go well together and are clear to read.

5. Don’t follow to be followed

A common strategy to build up followers is to follow other people first and hope that they follow you back. This strategy however is also used by spammers so use with caution. If somebody looks at your profile and sees you follow 10,000 people but only 100 follow you back, the person might think you are a spammer. On the other side, if you are not following the people back and have significantly more people following you than you follow, people may think you are rude cause you don’t follow back. It is therefore recommended to have a more even follower/ following ratio.


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