Facebook users to create online pop-up shops on behalf of brands

mypopupshopPop-up stores are increasingly becoming popular as an alternative, mobile and unexpected solution to retail distribution; in fact we’ve recently initiated one for Goodness Superfoods in conjunction with the The Prahran Mission Cafe. However, a company in the states recently came up with the initiative to enable Facebook users to run their own pop up shop online on behalf of other brands.

Mypopupshop gives brand ambassadors the power to not only encourage positive word of mouth, but allows them to earn money from their recommendations.

The concept allows users to select a brand for a limited period along with a custom theme for their shop. Users are incentivised to promote the brand to their friends and paid a commission for each sale, with the entire transaction managed by mypopupshop. After 30 days the user can decide whether to continue with the brand or select another.

The application is due to launch very soon. We’ll be sure to check back once it’s up and running to see how well it does.


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