Notes from Blogopolis

Blogopolis-  Nuffnang’s first bloggers conference in Australia was a smashing hit on Saturday.

Rather than use big words though, I’ll try to give you the run down of events purely based on the Twitter stream- here it goes:

FRANK Media- Blogopolis attendence 2


FRANK Media- Blogopolis attendence



FRANk Media- Blogoplis Nicole Avery



FRANk Media- Blogoplis Michael Aulia



FRANk Media- Blogoplis Arnold Aranez



FRANk Media- Blogoplis Danimezza



FRANk Media- Blogoplis Minh Giang



FRANk Media- Blogoplis Christie Burnett



FRANk Media- Blogoplis Susan Thye



FRANk Media- Blogoplis Nikkie Parson



FRANK Media- Blogopolis Mexican Wave Jeff






Watch the video of the Mexican wave here: Video: 300 bloggers doing a Mexican wave

FRANK Media- Blogopolis Panel 1



FRANK Media- Blogopolis Problogger 1



FRANK Media- Blogopolis Panel 2



#nnb2011 was trending too in Australia:

FRANK Media- Blogopolis is trending



Here is the visualisation of all tweets but if you want detailed notes of the event, I’ve found this one really helpful but there are tons of other notes out there too. After all, 300 bloggers attended the event!

FRANK Media- Blogopolis Tweet Visualisation

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