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Google+ traffic falling

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After an incredible start, various reports have surfaced stating that Google+ traffic fell by 3% last week compared to the previous week and average time spent on the site has dropped by 10%. The statistics suggest that traffic may be flattening after an initial adoption rush (driven by the early adopters) and the simulated scarcity of invitations caused by the slow release of slots for new users. Many still call Facebook their social media home having invested years of effort into creating their profiles, photo albums and contact history.

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Facebook launches an in-depth guide for businesses

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Yesterday, Facebook announced “Facebook for businesses” providing users with clear and concise instructions for marketing on Facebook., similar to last month’s “Twitter for Newsrooms” as an official resource for entry level participants. The guide does a good job of explaining the various marketing options available on Facebook – with a focus on pages, ads, sponsored stories and the main platform (including apps and plugins)

Twitter updates: Ads to start appearing in timelines, NSFW flags to be introduced

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After much speculation, Twitter has now officially announced that a new Promoted Tweets option will roll out with a number of advertisers. Until now, Promoted Tweets have only shown up in Twitter search or along the sidebars as a promoted Trending Topic. However, the ads a user sees will only be from accounts he or she already follows, so that the ads will be at least somewhat useful or relevant. The new Promoted Tweets will sit ‘at or near’ the op of a user’s timeline. However, once a user has seen it, it will begin scrolling down the timeline like other tweets. They can also be dismissed from the timeline with one click.
In other Twitter news, developers now have been given access to build options into Twitter clients that allow users to flag links or pictures they post as NSFW (Not Safe For Work).

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FAQme builds sleeker, more useful and more accessible FAQ pages

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Visitors need to be able to navigate through a site and access the answers to their queries easily. FAQ pages are often poorly thought out, badly designed or provide outdated information – or in the worst cases, don’t even exist. FAQme, created by ADHD Labs, allows users to build sleeker, more useful FAQ and contact pages, with easy customisation, editing and re-ordering. Another great feature is a specialised FAQ inbox where users can either reply queries publicly (to include in the actual FAQ) or privately. There is also an analytics page to track visits, time spent and browsers used.

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Once in a while a friend request will come along that will change your life forever

FRANk Media Newsletter_ man without Facebook
Here’s something to lighten up your Friday afternoon – a trailer for a mini film about the untaggable man – the Man Without a Facebook. Favourite quote: ‘You ain’t Googling doodley squat!”

Watch the video:
The Man without a Facebook

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