FRANk’s Weekly Media Updates- July 22, 2011

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Have you got videos on your site or blog? Gain more control over how visitors view and interact with them

FRANk Media Newsletter_ videos
EmbedPlus is a service that gives you more control over how visitors to your site view and interact with embedded videos, regardless of platform. You can determine the exact dimensions of the video, and select start and end times.You can also add scene markers which allow viewers to have the option to skip to specific parts of the video, like a DVD. You can also display real-time reactions on Twitter and YouTube and add your own annotations when and where you wish.

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EmbedPlus lets you control how a YouTube video is watched

Realtime discussion network Tribalfish now open to public

FRANk Media Newsletter_Tribalfish
Tribalfish is a realtime discussion network that replaced blogs and forums, making it easier to discover topics and capture audiences. On Tuesday, Tribalfish opened to the public. The difference between Tribalfish and other networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is that it seeks to merge the best of e-mail, blogs and forums in a single social network, instead of limiting and fragmenting. Tribalfish founder Chris Crabtree calls it ‘Twitter without limits’. Check it out – it’s a great way to keep track of the conversations without the hassle of hashtags and with images and video content already embedded for easy viewing.

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Facebook could become adults only in Australia

FRANk Media Newsletter_Adults only Facebook
Today, state and federal authorities will be discussing ways to force Facebook to give parents access to their children’s online profiles in order to help protect against online predators and exposure to unsuitable material. At today’s meeting, lawmakers will be talking about implementing proof of age checks and even raising the legal limit from 13 to 18 years of age. Comments are still being sought from Facebook.

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Using Facebook Sponsored Stories decrease cost per acquisition by 32%

FRANk Media Newsletter_Sponsored Stories
Facebook Sponsored Stories provide a huge return on investment as a viral ad platform that can bring about tons of Likes, drive traffic to your Facebook page and build word of mouth. A recent report demonstrates that Sponsored Stories can decrease the CPA of an ad campaign by up to 32%.

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Facebook sponsored stories decrease cost per acquisition by 32%

Customers are willing to use social media to get customer support

FRANk Media Newsletter_Social customer service
An infographic by customer experience analytics firm ClickFox has done its research – 2 out of 3 customers would be willing to use social media for customer service if they understood the tools better. The infographic also breaks down the cost per interaction of various types of engagements, and finds website visits to be the cheapest so far. It may be worth for companies to invest in accessible, easy to use web-based and social media-based customer service as long as it does not come at the expense of good phone support, which remains the number one go-to for customer service.

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A campaign we love: NZ tv show uses social media to connect with fans in between seasons

FRANK Media Newsletter_NZ campaign
A New Zealand soap opera called Shortland Street started a great campaign over the summer season when the TV show was on a break, allowing fans to start a summer fling on Facebook with the character they loved the most – complete with personalised love letters. A great example of how social media can not only maintain fan engagement, but cause a frenzy even when the product itself was not available.

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