With great power there must also come great responsibility

Do you remember this classic quote from Spiderman? It was Uncle Ben who said to Peter Parker (Spiderman): “With great power there must also come great responsibility”

I am now wondering if Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg could have benefited from watching Spiderman too. Because to me it seems as if Mark Zuckerberg could turn into the bullying Flash Thompson. Let me explain:

Not sure if you watched The Social Network Facebook movie last year but I loved the portray of a dorky, intelligent, heart broken but harmless and somewhat innocent Mark Zuckerberg. It seems however, that this portray does not fit the picture anymore…It seems like the geeky student Zuckerberg is slowly changing into an unstoppable force which skips the being responsible part altogether.

Source: http://www.psfk.com/2011/05/unpacking-a-repressive-directive-by-facebook.html

It has surfaced for example that Facebook takes down pages once a complaint has been filed without verifying the complaint at all. This loophole has now been discovered by scam artists as Facebook does not even check the legitimacy of the complainant’s email address.

On another note, Facebook has also developed the habit of deactivating activists pages in the UK.

Last week, it surfaced that Facebook has hired a PR agency to trash Google. When I read it I was not even surprised. It is certainly a cheap shot and not very responsible from Facebook. With social search becoming more and more important, shouldn’t these two giants work together?

Furthermore, Julian Assange has accused Facebook of being the biggest spying machine ever created. In one of his recent interviews he claims that it is an interface developed for US intelligence and there is not even a need to get a subpoena to access the data about you, your family, your whereabouts, your communications, your relationships etc. Scary? I think so… but then Assange is a bit of a nut too so we’ll see how this plays out.

Another interesting headline last week was that Facebook now allows brands to be tagged in your photos. This may seem harmless but I wonder if Facebook is slowly selling out to brands and advertisers with plenty of $$$.

Last but not least, read this article by TNW Social Media and its very fitting title: Facebook is slowly creeping its tentacles all over your web.

What is next? One thing is for sure, it’ll stay interesting…



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