Twitter- the Wunderkind of social media

Love it or hate it, but Twitter is not going away soon. It is part of social media just as Facebook and YouTube although I know from personal experience that it probably takes longer to warm to Twitter than say Facebook.

A few weeks back, Fortune Tech has released some numbers which suggest that Twitter is not as successful as it may seem. The article Trouble @Twitter also released a few breathtaking statistics about Twitter that were supporting the argument that there may be trouble ahead.

Let’s have a look:

Only 25% of Twitter users generate 90% of all tweets:

Twitter Users Profile

Image: Fortune Tech via ComScore


The next graphic shows that the traffic in the US to Twitter has remained constant between 2009 and 2011 while traffic to YouTube and Facebook has skyrocketed:


FRANkVizeum: US Traffic to Twitter

Image: Fortune Tech via ComScore


Furthermore,47% of the people with a Twitter account are no longer active and those who are still active have decreased their time on the site significantly:


US Twitter User profile

Image: Fortune Tech via ComScore


Sure, these figures could be better but in my opinion are not bad at all. It is all relative and social media is NOT about the numbers…

Social media is about connecting people, strangers even, to share stories, concerns, news, opinions, knowledge etc. Nevermind that maybe 47% only monitor the conversations and not tweet themselves. They still use Twitter to find out the latest news don’ they?

A few days ago, news broke about Osama Bin Laden’s death. It was Twitter where the news appeared first. Conversations about the news followed on Twitter for hours if not days. It excited people around the globe and they needed an outlet to talk about this with other people.

An article on Mashable provides a great timeline of how the news broke. These tweets are part of a massive phenomenon and will be in the history books of future generations. The game has changed forever and as Brian Solis puts it in his latest article: “News no longer breaks, it tweets”

Not a bad achievement for a 5 year old ey?





BTW: Wunderkind= German for prodigy [wonder child]= someone who at an early age masters one or more skills at an adult level

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