F-commerce: Facts and Figures

F-commerce is a new buzz word creating a bit of excitement in the business world lately so I thought I post of series of short articles about this new shiny social tool.

Social Commerce Today has written a few brilliant posts on this topic and the facts and figures below are an excerpt from their informative site. Well worth a look to find out more!

F-commerce: Facts and figures

Source: Social Commerce Today

F-commerce means Facebook enhanced retail and there are three types of F-commerce:

1) Facebook “F-stores” where transactions are made with Facebook credits

2) Online stores using Facebook open graph, social plugins or Facebook storefronts with online stores

3) Brick and mortar stores using Facebook open graph, social plugins for deals in the actual retail stores

Some interesting figures from the (still very new) world of F-commerce:

1) The top 3 brands on Facebook (by fans) all sell directly on Facebook – Coca-Cola (24m), Starbucks (20m) and Disney (19m)

2) The conversion rate for F- stores is between 2-4% which is on par with online stores according to Forrester/Shop.org which reported the average lies at 3.4%

3) Click through rates on Facebook wall post are at 6.5%

4) Facebook users spend 1.5x more online that other Internet users

5) Facebook is growing, rapidly growing: 1 in 11 people are on Facebook globally and it grew in 2010 by 7.9 users/SECOND

6) 75% of Facebook users have “liked’ a brand and the media generated by such a like is estimated to be around $3.60

For more figures behind the F-commerce phenomenon please read: http://socialcommercetoday.com/f-commerce-statistics-roundup-facebook-commerce-by-the-numbers/

This concludes part one of our F-commerce series. Look out for a new post later this week which will give you good examples of F- stores.


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