The world of social media in numbers

I came across this post by Cara Pring which is about the global social media statistics for 2012. Just by looking at these stats, you would see the impact of social media and how it has affected us globally in many ways.

If you are still a skeptic, this may convince you otherwise (source):

Facebook Business

  • There are more than 800mil active Facebook users (as of 1st July 2011)
  • Facebook is the most visited website on the Internet, reaching 1trillion page views on June 30 2011
  • FritoLay set a new world record in April 2011 for the most Facebook likes in 24 hours (1,575,161 likes)
  • 56% of consumers say that they would recommend a brand after becoming a fan on Facebook
  • Coco-cola has over 36.5mil fans on Facebook

Twitter Business

  • There are 225,000,000 users on Twitter
  • 1billion tweets were sent every 5 days in 2011
  • 100mil users log in to Twitter every month and 50mil users log in everyday
  • 34% of marketers have generated leads using Twitter and 20% have closed deals


  • YouTube users spend a total of 2.9billion hours a month
  • YouTube generates 92billion page views that amounts to 490mil unique visitors per month (as of Feb 2011)

Other Social Networks

  • Flickr hosts over 5billion images
  • Instagram reached 13mil users 13 months after its launch
  • Foursquare has 2,000,000 check ins a week, with 15mil users (as of Dec 2011)


  • Smartphones users are two times more active on social media in comparison to non-smartphone users
  • 60% admit that they use their mobile phones in the toilet
  • Over 200mil access Facebook through mobile and 91% of all mobile internet use is related to “social”

Facebook in Australia


  • Over 10.7mil Australians use Facebook actively (that is over 60% of the online population)
  • Brisbane is the city with the highest Facebook penetration, followed by Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide
  • Australian Facebook users are made up of 54% female users and 46% male users



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