Nissan Australia CEO Dan Thompson first post on Facebook and some tips from Zappos

We would like to congratulate Nissan Australia and Dan Thompson on making the brave move and taking the time to address some of the challenges facing the automotive company. Dan is talking about culture change, heading with brand innovation and being more customer focus. I thought this article about Tony Hsieh will help to inspire. After a successful deal with Amazon, Hsieh is trying to spark a Delivering Happiness movement, named after his recent book, which expands on how, and why, companies who care about their bottom line should make employees feel like a family.
Here’s an example of how Tony sees social media tools:

CNN: You tweet and encourage employees to access social media on the job. The professional and the private are increasingly blurred. Will social media also serve a business purpose, particularly as it extends to individual employees?

TH: For us, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, etc. are all ways we can connect with our customers and employees. We’re not looking at them as marketing channels, more as connection channels, the same way we view the telephone as a great way to connect.


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