One for One: Shopping without Guilt

This is a good one for all ladies (and gents) who looooove shoes: Introducing the business¬† concept of the future “One for One” by TOMS.

Let me explain: In 2006 TOMS founder Blake traveled to Argentina and found that many children have no shoes to protect their feet while playing, attending school or doing chores. Based on this experience, Blake decided to make a difference in the life of these children and founded TOMS. Read more about the story here.

I love shoes, shopping and doing good things to support the less fortunate so naturally I am sucked in big time. But that aside, can you see how all parties involved profit from “One for One”? Customers get great shoes and do something good, TOMS is making money and gives back to the kids and the kids get shoes to improve their life.


That’s why I am so drawn to this concept. There is no disadvantage to any party involved. Everyone is a winner. And I think this is about time after all the years of capitalism, destruction of the environment, mistreatment of animals etc. I’m tired of companies sucking the life out of its suppliers, staff and customers leaving nothing but destruction behind.

Have you heard of the “Walmart Effect“? Funny that, but there is research suggesting that America’s largest private employer is killing jobs while driving down wages. Furthermore, Walmart is a massive tax burden as it does not give health and other benefits to most of its part time employees, letting public funded programs pick up the pieces.

Personally, I have had enough of companies having the Walmart Effect and I want to see the return of strong and ethical values and morals and business purposes beyond profit.

If you can think of such a company, I’d love to hear from you. Or let me know if you find any other interesting concepts. I found this one today:¬† Good concept too and can’t wait to try it out.


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