Happy 5th Birthday Twitter!

Twitter turns 5 this week and to celebrate this special event I thought it would be good to share the latest Twitter numbers and trends. Twitter has had phenomenal success over the past years and has grown rapidly.

Twitter released some impressive numbers on their blog and below is a summary:

The first tweet ever was sent on March 21, 2006 by Jack Dorsey (@jack):

2006: The year of the first tweet


It took 3 years, 2 months and 1 day to reach one billion Tweets

The average number of Tweets sent per day rose from 50 million one year ago to 140 million in the last month

The current Tweets per second (TPS) record is 6,939 set 4 seconds after midnight in Japan on New Year’s Day


New accounts created on March 12, 2011: 572,000

Increase in number of mobile users over the past year: 182%


8 in Jan 2008

29 in Jan 2009

130 in Jan 2010

350 in Jan 2011

400 Today

For the full story please read Twitter’s blog article.

Twitter has also been credited with fueling the revolution in Tunisia and also put up a “call to tweet” hot line in Egypt with the help of Google. When the internet was down in Egypt, people could ring the hot line and leave a message which would be then turned into a tweet.

I also recommend this video from Funny or Die (rude language so nothing for the kids) which provides you with other little known and funny facts around Twitter. For example did you know that the past tense of “to tweet” is “twote”?


Happy Birthday Twitter! I think you rock! And of course you can find me on Twitter too:  @Martinez_79 if you are interested in updates around social media (and sometimes other things).

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