Social media affects a company to its core

Social media is not the responsibility of the marketing department. It affects a company to its core. If you think social media such as Twitter and Facebook is only good for promoting your brand and special offers, you may not use social media’s full potential.

Take for example Kraft’s  Macaroni & Cheese campaign.  People tweet “Mac & Cheese”, in return they get a link and whoever is first to reply with their address gets free boxes of  (you guessed it) Mac & Cheese and a T-Shirt.

It is great for Kraft to use Twitter to raise awareness but if this is the only way the company uses Twitter then they may be missing out.

FRANk Media - knock effect

In my experience, social media is best used as a long term tool involving the entire company. I know that if you treat social media like this, great things can happen.

First of all, departments start working together and slowly break down the silos they are working in.

Second, content sourced from all departments teamed with the voice of your brand aka the Community Manager reigns supreme.  Your audience will love you for the variety of content on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. They will stay tuned and engaged.

I could go on as the list of good things coming from collaborative use of social media is endless. However it all depends on your company’s willingness to use social media.

In Brian Solis‘ article Social media and the need for new business models some very good points were made.  He writes that the departments usually affected by social media are: Marketing, PR, Sales and Customer Service. He also noted that despite “best intentions in social media we are still operating from silos”. He calls for a new business model, “an integrated approach to create an adaptive business, a collaborative business, an aspirational business… a business of one.

I agree.

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