2011: The year to rethink and question everything

As we entered 2011 we hired a new addition to the social business strategy team: Nick

His first task here at FRANk is to do exactly what we do when we sign up a new client: Immersion. For those who have not worked with us, Immersion is the first step to a social business strategy. It is our process to find out what strategy works best for your company and industry.

We asked Nick to do the Immersion for our business for two reasons:

1) He needs to learn how we roll at FRANk

2) As a business we want to be the best in our category and we believe that we only get there if we rethink and question once a year our processes and own strategy

All our clients get a review of their strategy once a year and why should we treat our own business any different? You see we not only talk the talk, we also walk the walk!

Business is changing so rapidly these days and you need to keep up with the constant changes. Watch the video below from LeaderLabdotcom and find out why and how the changes affect your business:


No doubt most businesses are aware that the business world is changing. Open and collaborative business models (aka social business models) are on the rise and become more and more successful. Yet one of my biggest struggles as a social business strategist is to convince managing directors to invest into a social business strategy. They are not buying it because they are not keeping up with the developments and have stopped learning and questioning.

My grandparents always said “Stillstand ist der Tod” meaning standstill equals death. They have always sought to learn new things and kept their brains active. Puzzles, card games, buying new technology such as DVD players and laptops keeps their mind active, busy and YOUNG. As a result my 84 year old grandfather is flying to South Africa this May for the first time.

I encourage everyone to keep learning and be open to new ways of doing things because I know from my own experience that it is so worth it! It is worth it for both your private life as well as your business.

Watch this space too over the next months as I am sure it will change after Nick applied his magic.

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