ROI on Communities

Hello, my name is Nick, and I’m the newest member of the FRANkVizeum team.  I’m excited to be working with FRANk because they share my passion for advocating the most appropriate communication strategies for their clients.

I love seeing what businesses are capable of doing within brand communities. Social media is perfect for demonstrating to your community that you have your finger on the social pulse.

But are businesses using information volunteered by consumers to full effect? Being quick to act/react to customer complaints in a public forum is great, but will it solve the source  of the complaint in the long run?

If your community manager isn’t communicating with the correct stakeholders within the organisation then opportunities aren’t being leveraged. If your community is volunteering information about a faulty product or a new feature they love and no one is being informed beyond the marketing department then are you maximising the full impact of what social media has to offer?

When you’re cultivating a brand community make sure you have the correct comm’s channels set up. Increased followers or fan interactions look good in reports, but improving products and services is where the real social media ROI lies for brands.

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