Doritos tops Super Bowl advertising buzz

The votes are in and according to the critics, academics and ad executives the winners of this year’s Super Bowl branding battle are Volkswagen, Bridgestone, Doritos and Bud Light.

However, who here is really the big loser? It may well be the actual polls and reviews run by USA Today, Kellogg School of Management, The Wall Street Journal and Advertising Age.

Marketers no longer need to wait for these polls to be released to reassure them that their millions of dollars spent on advertising have been well received. Twitter and Facebook can now tell them almost instantaneously.

Of course, rating highly in polls still doesn’t hurt. But social networks can tell us more than the simple thumbs up/thumbs down conclusions of voting, since the ads become the subject of conversations rather than one-word responses

With a creepy finger licker, a resurrected grandpa and a pug puppy getting the best of a bad man, Doritos were the most talked about commericals this year according to Brand Bowl 2011.

With a soft spot for dogs, my personal favourite was in fact Bud Light’s Dog Sitter.


You can veiws the rest of the Super Bowl XLV commericals here.

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