The problem with ROI, benchmarking, accountability and measuring success

Is that it prevents you from actually going and doing stuff.

Imagine you have a small home renovation project like painting the fence. You already decided it will be a good idea but like to measure ROI, benchmark it against industry standards, making sure you’re accountable and measure your success to prove that you’re doing your job.

You can sit down for several meetings with your family to talk about ROI, showing the growth in happiness every time you pass by your new painted fence. You can benchmark it against other fences and calculate how much this new painted fence will add to your total house value. You can also messure success by having a before and after photo showing how the anti-rust particles in the paint will work.


The first option will take several weeks, with approval required from 5 different department heads and will not help you to actually paint the fence. It will help you prepare for painting or convincing everyone that it’s still a good idea.

The second option will make you paint the fence in two hours and allow you to start seeing results instead of guessing results.

So what do you think? Is it still true that what gets measured gets done?

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