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You’ll have heard this:

“Great people talk about ideas. Average people talk about things.
Small people talk about other people, and then, sadly, there are the people who love to talk about themselves.”

Why is it then that when brands make a move into social business they are surprised that  they struggle to attract ‘friends’ or meaningful engagement when consistently talking about themselves?

The good news is that only 15% of Australian brands have some kind of social business engagement and so the opportunity to get it right from the outset is there.

As we introduce social business strategy (SBS) to brands we are experiencing challenge, frustration and reward. As with any emerging movement a large part of our role is that of education coupled with belief. Education on our part and belief from brands.

We see brands at four levels of SBS acceptance:-

1. Some brands get it, put faith in our thinking and reap the benefits of a scalable social business strategy that provides them with a sustainable community of advocates for the longer term. As social business adoption expands into the business the model provides some autonomy within other business siloes but maintains some central coordination for the purposes of consistency and clear communication.

2. Other brands kind of get it but belief they can manage their SBS process in-house usually resulting in an introspective quest for volume of ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ rather than engagement. In time the energy and vision grinds to a halt through internal resistance and  volumes level out leaving them wanting for a higher calling that would give people a reason to engage.

3. Then there are those brands that believe the tools are it. They push on with their Facebook and Twitter with no higher calling or content strategy. They believe they’ve ticked the social business ‘box.’ But fundamentally they misunderstand that the paradigm of social business is about giving not taking.

4. Those brands that have no social business play at all and are not sure where to begin or even whether they need to. (85% of brands in Australia)

There is a growing need to understand how to initiate a long term social business strategy. Challenging, frustrating and rewarding but most of all exciting.

Just read this too from one of our influencers David Armano. He writes about the opportunity to morph company structures from the Old Trust Framework to the New Trust Architecture. Great read.

Which structure best represents your company?

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