Domino Relief for Flood Effected Animals

It began with a social business idea which led us to buy 2,000 dominoes on EBay, see below.

On arrival we discovered we’d just bought 2,000 bits of domino-size wood…awesome. (more of the original idea later when we actually find some dominoes).

A few days later the heavens decided to open in Queensland and we began to think about how we could re-purpose our bits of wood to raise money to help those affected.

An idea was agreed upon and yesterday we had two stamps made. One depicts an outline of the State of Queensland and one says $5. Here they are stamped onto our bits of wood.

From here its simple…we aim to raise $10,000 (2,000 domino-sized bits of wood x $5) and will be donating to the RSPCA Queensland 2011 Flood Appeal. (The RSPCA is exempt from disaster relief funds offered to other charities that assist human needs.) I have just spoken to Mark Townend, RSPCA Queensland’s CEO, who confirms that $10,000 would be of massive assistance in these difficult times. If you wish to donate directly then go for it. Here’s their twitter and facebook.

We haven’t stamped all our bits of wood yet but we’re getting there…in one day we’ve raised over $200. There’s someway to go so if you’d like to be part of “Domino-Relief” then please drop in to buy one (or more) or take some away to sell to friends, family and colleagues.

Thankyou in anticipation.

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