An Advertising agency Vs. An Unvertising agency

There’s a lot of chatter about the “Agency Of the Future”. There’s a debate on what will it look like, what it will do and what kind of people/roles will it have.

Last week I started thinking about an Un-advertising agency or “Unvertising.” After thinking about this concept I needed to start answering the hard questions so I’m starting this list of things an advertising agency would do Vs. things an unvertising agency would do. Let me know what you think:

1. If you want to produce a piece of noise about your product you need advertising. If you want to start a discussion about your brand, you need Unvertising.

2. If you want to do only what’s tried and tested and follow your competition – it’s advertising. If you want to become a leader for your competitors to follow – use unvertising.

3. If you’d like to sit down and talk about “Creative” – use advertising. If you’d like to sit down to talk strategy – it’s unvertising.

4. If you want to spread your message and talk to everyone – use advertising. If you want to target your message to speak with a selected niche – use Unvertising.

Any more ideas?

Maybe try and get some inspiration from this guy who I found after googling: “Unvertising” – although I had some trouble to understand what the hell he’s talking about:

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