Social Santa

The smell as you enter the FRANkVizeum office at the moment is unmistakable, the freshly cut pine can only mean one thing….the festive season has arrived and Santa is on his way!

A few weeks back I asked my 7 year old niece if she had posted her letter to Santa yet, she looked at me in a curious way and asked “Auntie Ness, do you mean have I emailed Santa yet?”

How times have changed!

On further investigation it would seem that Santa Claus has well and truly embraced Social Media. Check out this blog direct from the North Pole, it’s where children can get regular updates and communicate with Santa himself leading up to the big day. Cute idea!

A tradition that we embrace here at FRANkVizeum is Secret Santa, and with the comfort of anonymity the presents get more daring and funnier each year. It was interesting to read the other day that the Secret Santa concept has gone social – Merry Tweetmas from Secret Santa.

A group of nearly 300 New Zealanders, many of whom have never met face-to-face, took part in exchanging gifts through social networking site Twitter. The idea was started by Sam Elton-Walters and by all accounts has been deemed a huge success. You can follow the progress here #nztwittersecretsanta

On that note….from all of us here at FRANkVizeum we wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!

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