Forget palm reading, red gum boots reveals a bit about your personality

Tomato red coloured boots are not only functional, they depict something that is super cool and catchy. Well I am convinced (although probably speak only for self at FRANk…!). So where was this footwear rarity spotted? At the Harvest Picnic, Werribee Park by our client premium kitchen ovens and cooktops, Neff.

To me, I think the red boots could shed some of Neff’s brand personality. It’s down to earth. It’s real. It’s functional. It’s fun and has a bit of humour. It’s trendy too (hey, Jimmy Choo has lined up his rain boot designs for next season!).

Connect this tone to Neff’s quality products and love for good food for the home cook and we have a brand that’s committed to sharing and developing the community.

Can you spot some other things which Neff shares or is involved in to help you and the community be better?

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