When Advertising Contradicts

If you open up today’s media section in The Australian Newspaper, you’ll see on page 37 the Seven Network has taken out a full page ad to promote they were the No.1 network in 2010 against Total People, 25-54, 18-49 & 16-39. My first reaction was that it’s a little overstated and an unnecessary waste of money, but that’s just my opinion. Seven has been tracking well this year, so it really didn’t come as a surprise.





However, within seconds of noticing this ad (it was hard not to!), I saw Nine’s Insight Newsletter had landed in my inbox. When to my surprise and confusion there was the heading “Australia’s # 1 Network for 2010” and sure enough they were stating exactly the same demographics with the exception of Total People.

With both sourcing Oztam data, you’d have to assume one of the networks has manipulated the data in such a way it tells them what they want us to hear. What’s the saying….don’t believe everything you read! I haven’t had a chance to run the data independently yet to determine whose claim is the most credible, but stay tuned…..

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