Designer Muesli

It may be just me but I love this idea.

It’s a site called Mix My Muesli where, guess what, you can design your own muesli mix. You begin with a range of bases such as honey toasted oats, high protein etc followed by fruits then nuts, seeds and grains followed by ‘naughty bits’ such as chocolate covered coffee beans.

You can also choose pre mixes such as Goji Berry antioxidant mix.

I’ve just ordered a tube and I’m looking forward to seeing how quickly it arrives and how it tastes. It’s more expensive concocting your own mix….well mine came to $15 for 500g. I usually buy 1kg for $9 so it had better be good. A dynamic nutritional calculator tells you where you are with sugars, fat, protein etc. which is pretty cool.

Pre mixes range from $9 to $13. Delivery is a flat $1.70 ish anywhere for any size of order.

They even offer gift certificates starting from $20. I just bought one for my wife for Christmas….lucky girl. They email the certificate as a PDF and you just print it. All good except the the design is predominantly black so its sucks a lot of black ink from the printer…maybe a better design?

Anyway, I like the concept. Check it out!

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