10 tips for your next marketing plan – THE HUGHTRAIN MkII by Hugh MacLeod

I found this a few days ago on Hugh’s blog and thought I’ll share. What do you think? Is this the nirvana of communication between brands and people?


1. The market for something to believe in is infinite. We are here to find meaning.We are here to help other people do the same. Everything else is secondary. We humans want to believe in our own species. And we want people, companies and products in our lives that make it easier to do so. That is human nature.

2. The most important word in marketing is “complicity”.
It’s not enough for the customer to love your product. They have to love your process as well.

3. Your customers are becoming smarter about your market a lot faster than you are. Thanks to the internet, your customers are able to talk to each other. They are able to find better information about your product than you are able of willing to give them, much quicker than you are capable of giving them.
The conversation will happen with or without you, you’re better off joining in.

4. The primary job of an advertiser is not to communicate benefit, but to communicate conviction.
It’s not about what you have; it’s about why it matters.

5. A company’s primary role is to function as an “idea amplifier”. A company’s primary role is not to make or do stuff. Making and doing are mere subsets.

6. The future of advertising is internal. The hardest part of a CEO’s job is sharing his enthusiasm with his colleagues, especially when a lot of them are making one-fiftieth of what he is. Selling the company to the general public is a piece of cake compared to selling it to the actual people who work for it.

7. Your job is no longer about selling. Your job is about firing off as many synapses in your customer’s brain as possible. The more synapses that are fired off, the more dopamines are released. Dopamines are seriously addictive. The more dopamines you release, the more the customer will come back for more. Your customer thinks he is coming back to you for sane, rational, value-driven reasons. He is wrong. He is coming back to feed.

8. Good-bye, Messages. Hello, Social Gesture.
A well-executed social media campaign is an act of love.

9. Control the conversation by improving the conversation.
Choosing to have a “smarter conversation” with the market is not a marketing decision; it’s a moral decision.

10. The more porous the membrane that separates your business from your market, the easier it is for both parties to be in alignment. And the more porous the membrane, the easier it is to fix non-alignment.

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