The Blue Whale, black rhino and “an”

As a race we are acutely aware of endangered species and as the season of excess approaches there are many worthy places to donate such as the WWF.

My immediate issue, however, is the survival of the spoken articulation of the word “an” …………generally used  instead of ‘a’, the indefinite article, in front of words with an initial vowel sound.

My awareness of this engdangered word is accelerating, by the day, as I hear more and more people utter a new word to replace an. This new word sounds like “HAY” but without the H and importantly there is a slight pause before whatever word comes next.

Some recent examples

“I just sent AY (slight pause) email”

“I saw you eat AY (slight pause) orange”

“I have AY (slight pause) idea”

and from a meeting just 30 mins ago when someone said “There is AY (slight pause) English company……”

I hear examples of the spread of AY most days on TV, radio or in conversation. Is it just me or has anyone else picked this up?

If in doubt about whether you speak da English you can check

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