10 tips for successful Community Managers

The following tips are taken from our friends at Social Blabla and their blog.

I have also added a few of my ideas so the translation is not 1:1.

1. Know and love your brand: This makes sense right? You need to know both positive and negative things about your brand in order to confidently talk about it in the social space. It is the only way to win over the community around your brand.

2. Show Yourself: You are the face of the brand and you should be present as much as you can in the social profile. Take photos, go to events, get the web cam out and interact as much as you can with your community.

3. Monitor but do not interfere: Interact with your community and show them you are here to help. Let them develop content while you listen to what topics they want to discuss. Interfere only to reinforce positive behavior or to accept constructive criticism. Ignore the trolls, they have always been there and will always be there. Also avoid censorship or delete content or you risk the dreaded Streisand Effect.

4. Forget Marketing: The community manager’s roles is not to sell. It is your job to listen and identify the community’s needs and concerns. Rather than focusing on posting product news, engage with the community by sharing your interest, passion, concerns etc.

5. We are all equal: Treat everybody in your community equal. It does not matter if someĀ  comment and interact more than others. The quiet observers also deserve your attention and by giving them the same attention you may be even able to get them to participate actively.

6. Delegate: You don’t have to do it all. Delegate if you can to others in your organization to help create content and manage the community. That way the conversations can become more dynamic and interesting.

7. Constantly update: It is very important to update your social profiles up to date and keep the conversations between you and your community going. However, there is a thin line between constantly updating and spamming.

8. Use your tools: You need to be a bit of a Geek and keep up to date with the technology around social media. Tweetdeck for example helps you manage multiple Twitter accounts and conversations therefore making your life easier. Subscribe to RSS feeds to keep informed of topics of interest.

9. Be flexible: A community manager does not have normal office hours. It is important to be there for the community wherever you are. Invest in a smart phone to be accessible at all times (within reason obviously).

10. Analyze and improve: A good community manager is not measured by how many fans and followers the brand has. More important is the strength of the connection a community manager builds with the community. A meaningful relationship with a few is more preferable than many fleeting relationships. Use tools to monitor returning users and find out what makes them return to your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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