Hey Hey It’s Saturday – Still strong after 10 years off air!

Hey Hey

2.1 million viewers can’t be wrong about the massive appeal of Hey! Hey! It’s Saturday That’s how many people tuned in last night to see Daryl, Plucka and the gang back on our screens for the first of two reunion shows.

Not surprisingly, Melbourne (the home of Hey! Hey!) pulled in the majority of viewers with just over 790,000.

I never once thought Ten’s Celebrity MasterChef would be able to outshine the return of what was an Australian  institution for so many of us growing up, and I’m pleased to say I was right. However, regardless of my opinion Celebrity MasterChef did pull in a respectable 1.3million viewers, which is a great effort!

It is a huge windfall for Nine, which would have still been reeling from the less than impressive launch of The Apprentice Australia, on Monday night. It barely registered on the radar with just under 700,000 viewers.

Ten will be consoling itself in the knowledge that the MasterChef franchise is a slow burn. When it launched earlier this year it barely nudged a million, but it finished with more than 3 million viewers.

Mention also needs to go to Seven who kicked off this huge ratings week with their new sci-fi drama Flashforward pulling in 1.8 million viewers and of course wrapping up last week was Ten’s coverage of the 2009 AFL Grand Final which pulled in a massive 2.9 million viewers.

Nine, meanwhile, are considering whether to commission a new series of Hey! Hey! on a permanent basis. It would seem that the old format still has legs and the intergrated use of Social Media sites such as twitter during the live broadcast has helped catapult the show into the 21st century.

It remains to be seen if Daryl would stay on board as host, but would it work as well without him? I’m not convinced.

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