The cost of Kyle?


2DAY FM Kyle & Jackie O Show

Up until now it’s been hard to determine what impact Kyle Sandilands controversial comments and the temporary cancellation of The Kyle & Jackie O Show was having on audiences. Yesterday Nielsen ratings from June 28 to September 5 were released and show an audience slump. Overall listening dropped nearly 20%. This is the biggest ratings decline of any music station in the current survey which covers the infamous lie detector stunt on the 29th of July however does not take into account Kyle’s most recent comments made on September 8 about Magda Szubanski losing weight in a concentration camp. The bottom line here is that if their audience had increased then undoubtedly advertisers would be asked to pay more to be on the show. However approximately 18% of listening has disappeared so it should follow that advertisers can now pay less for spots in their show. Anyone else agree that we should be paying at least 18% less for a show that has lost 18% of its listening audience, keeping in mind that this doesn’t begin to take into account the most recent Magda Szubanski stunt?

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