FRANkVizeum’s strategy team doesn’t take it lying down….except in the name of fun!

FRANkVizeum Lying down game

As Friday afternoons go in the FRANkVizeum Melbourne office, this was just like any other. We were sitting around discussing the week in retrospect……helped with a few beers and debating whether Collingwood could beat Adelaide on the weekend. Deep stuff!

When the question was posed – Has anyone heard of the lying down game? While most shook their heads, those that were familiar with it took us through the concept.

The game itself originated in the UK by two guys from Somerset and has caught on around the world amongst the online social community thanks to a dedicated Facebook page & official website.

The concept is designed for all those who enjoy the sport of lying down in random public places to confuse people.

There are two aims:

1) The more public the better
2) The more people involved the better

Please be aware that the palms of your hands must be flat against your side and the tips of your toes pointing at the ground. Just as if you were standing, but vertically challenged.

This of course sparked one of those ‘FRANKVizeum’ moments, and so began the challenge. Lying face down outside our office and without getting cleaned up by passing traffic; we successfully created the company initials ‘FV’ using eight human bodies (Exhibit A pictured above).

With the photo uploaded here, we were now part of this growing craze, why not try it yourself!

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