13CABS use social media strategy to pick up customers.


When the Victorian Government recently ran a “Small Business Big Marketing” event as part of their Energise Enterprise festival, I’m sure they didn’t think that 13CABS would be the star of the show, leading the way with their social media strategy!

13CABS didn’t actually attend the event to learn how to ‘do marketing’, instead they were busy monitoring Twitter for any opportunities to, er, take people for a ride.

Events like these tend to attract entrepreneurs and early adopters of technology, so it’s no surprise that from the get-go there was a steady stream of delegate ‘Tweets’. (postings on Twitter). These messages were positive comments about the speakers who were on stage that day, or about the interesting exhibitors in attendance.

Someone at the beginning of the day assigned a “hashtag” to their comments – in this case #sbbm (Small Business Big Marketing) – which is then used by everyone who is commenting about the event. This allows anyone on Twitter to quickly group and look at all (and only) Tweets that relate to this event.

So now there’s a constant stream of Tweets that contain the same hashtag, many of which also feature the word ‘event’ when referring to the day.

In their wisdom, 13CABS were probably searching Twitter for keywords such as ‘event’ so as to identify opportunities to pick up customers. They would have stumbled across this event, and using the same hashtag at the end of the day posted this, just 10 minutes before the scheduled end of the event as people began wondering how they would get back to the office:

13CABS: Hi everyone at #sbbm FYI we are also on MySpace and Facebook 12:49 PM Aug 27th from web

A really simple but effective tactic, probably part of a broader social media strategy that is highly targeted and easy to execute. Notice they did not post a ‘hard-sell’ message, rather a subtle ‘hello, i am just over here if you need me!’ approach that appeals to the Twitter-verse.

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