Best buy’s brilliant example of bought/owned/earned strategy

How nice it is when everything works together. This just came over through Techcrunch: The latest Best buy campaign involving TV, Twitter, real employees and even… users. The different media seems to sit very comfortably together.  TV is there to spread the message with a fun ad that demonstrates the service. Twitter is great for live ongoing customer service and the employees are getting their turn to shine. (as they are the best asset of every company). The real benefit is to the users: No more spending time on the phone listening to radio while waiting for the right support person to answer. Simply send your inquiry through twitter and the closest best-buy-person will pick it up. They might even fight to serve you better!

The twitter account: @twelpforce is part of a bigger digital strategy. It is working through the best buy employee community called Connect. This is what they’re saying in the headline: “We gather Tweets, Feeds and Blogs. Feel free to look around and connect with us.” Nice. Nothing about the “legal team”, “terms and conditions” or “policy”. It’s simple, friendly and human.


I mentioned the idea of a “customer service campaign” a few weeks ago. Best buy’s move makes a great example. This move doesn’t seem to be just a campaign and I believe their support twitter account wont disappear after the TV ad is off the air. In Australia there are a few brands offering this kind of customer service like @BigPondTeam and @Optus but no sign of a stratigic work alining bought/owned/earned yet.

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