Nike chalks up Tour de France Livestrong message


Despite losing some of its gloss in recent years due to various drug scandals, no world cycling event captures the imagination of the public like the Tour de France.

Fans urge heroes like Lance Armstrong (who is tweeting between stages) up lung-busting hillclimbs, spill onto almost every inch of the road with banners and flags, watch fierce rivalries play out,  and throughout the stages write messages of support (and self promotion) on the pavement.

In a big step for media innovation, Nike have integrated a number of elements (Armstrong, the Livestrong charity, the event, and their  brand) through social media strategy to bring ‘The Road Is Your Canvas’ campaign to life.  Consumers can get their own 40 character message of hope, inspiration or encouragement sprayed on the Tour route by a ‘Chalkbot‘ via the Nike Website or tweeting Chalkbot on Twitter,  and view the results in the Photo Gallery.

It’s a fantastic idea, and really demonstrates how marketing communications are at their strongest when fully integrated – although it doesn’t hurt having assets like Lance and Nike to play with!

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