FRANkVizeum’s three step earned media strategy Or: why can’t we have a customer service campaign?


Should you use social media tools? Should social media be used to enhance your sales and get more eyeballs? How about a “social media campaign”? The simple answer to all these questions is no. Earned media (aka social media) should be practiced all the time. It should have an annual plan. It should be treated as a customer service tool. Have you ever heard about a customer service campaign?  right. So what IS the way to go? Here’s FRANkVizeum’s three steps to earned media strategy. We call it “Immersion” and it’s about listening, learning and researching.

Step 1. Listen and learn – survey your most passionate lovers. Start with your employees and the people who open your newsletter. Ask them how they feel about you, what would they like to see and where are they spending time online. You can also ask what is the most frustrating thing about your industry. This will bring you GOLD.

Step 2. Create a SWAT analysis of your brand online. What’s your online profile? what are your competitors doing? what is the industry doing and what trends can you see emerging? You’ll be surprised what you’ll find when you search youtube, flickr and twitter for your competitors brands.

Step 3. Collate the data and brainstorm. Think about management. Do you have the resources to invest in this space? Imagine having a customer service/call center without people who answer calls. Silly right? so there’s no point  in creating a faceboook group without a community manager. Think about the value for your users not only about the traffic you’ll get.

What do you think about these steps? We hope to post a case study next month and keep you posted on our progress. Meanwhile here’s the latest about “social media” from other blogs:

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