FRANkademy 26June

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Thanks to all our guests who attended the second FRANkademy, we had a great time. Here’s a quick recap of what we focused on: We started by introducing our bought, owned and earned integrated approach. This is a new way of thinking that breaks down the barriers between traditional and social media by focusing on the brand and it’s relation to communication strategy. Bought – is everything you buy like TV airtime, radio, billboards, magazine space, banners and so on. Owned includes your logo, packaging, website and retail outlets. Earned is the dialogue you open with your customers, the word of mouth you generate, the links you get from other blogs, customer feedback and comments.

We then went to twitter 101. What’s an RT? #hashtag and  #followfriday? we dived deeper and explored twitter as a search engine, twitter for brands and twitter as a business platform. In our blog section we explained what value blogs can offer brands and what are the ways brands can talk with bloggers. We presented our approach with our own blog network Nuffnang, which is the biggest blog advertising network in Australia.

After the break we went through our case study for Melbourne’s GPO. This showed our way of thinking, focusing on longer term communication strategy as opposed to a short term marketing campaign. We talked about the starting point to any solution being learning and listening, a process we call “Immersion”. We ended by saying we feel “social media” is the elephant in the room, which people spend 90% of time talking about but only 10% doing it. We definitely hope to see this change soon. Thanks again to our audience from ganesh group, millionPlus, kidspot, Cricket Australia, Movember, JCDecaux, MKT, RDI marketing,  Val Morgan, Austereo, ARN and Fosters.

The next FRANkademy is on July 31 – for bookings simply comment with your name and email on this post. If anyone from Friday’s session has specific questions please leave a comment…or feel free to post.

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