Mumbothered? A response to the negative comment backlash to FRANkVizeum’s launch


It seems like the new FRANkVizeum hit a big nerve last week. The amount of accusation, slant and bad mouthing we got will make you think we murdered a koala. No, we simply did some harmless chalk/potato+water graffiti on the sidewalk outside media agencies and clients.
But web mobs don’t bother to find out. They simply burn before reading. We love to hear feedback, especially if you disagree. But we expect an adult discussion, with no anonymity.
OK, enough about the trolls, the thing that really bothers me is when someone I respect is heading the mob for no apparent reason. mUmBRELLA, our favorite media news blog got all stirred up about FRANkVizeum.
Tim, I’m really not sure what got you so upset. Is it about the graffiti? About the PR release that in your opinion could have been better written? Your post from the 21 June is full of “clever” phrases that belittle FRANk and Vizeum and most of it is referring to something that happened in 2003! None of it, except your opinion on the PR release, is of any real value. It’s a personal slant. Your post from the 22 June is equally surprising. Is it the legal issue that bothers you? What a stretch. Both posts headlines are so tabloid they’re more suited to appear in The Sun than mUmBRELLA.
Wait a sec… did you also have a crack at our logo for using capital letters? When was the last time you looked at your own logo? The final nail was quoting a troll comment from our blog. Did you bother to check the source? I didn’t think so.
None of the people who commented on this “epic fail” has bothered to read more than one post. No one seems to look at what we do or who we are. No one is following us on twitter.
If you did bother to take a deeper look you’ll know that Martyn, head of FRANkVizuem started an agency blog and twitter in October 2007. This makes him one of the earliest adopters of new technologies and “social media” in the Australian media landscape. All of the FRANkVizeum team is blogging. We have photos and names of contributors, we answer comments and we even have an option for ANYONE to write a blog post. We offer free online strategy sessions (FRANkademy), we’re helping non profits (like Movember) and we constantly writing about environmental and social issues.  Is this your idea of wanking?
FRANkVizeum is different and we’re proving it every day. We are on the cutting edge of what you call “social media” and no, we don’t think using graffiti once every couple of years makes us not relevant, old or “cool”. But hey, it’s easier to light the torches and go burn a monster. It’s easier to order a death sentence than to examine the facts. It’s easier to post a slant comment than to give feedback, offer an opinion or start a conversation.

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